UX Writing Challenge: Day 15 — Final Challenge!


Finally, we’re arrived for the last challenge of UX Writing Challenge! *trumpet Setelah melewati beberapa tantangan yang berbeda-beda setiap harinya, kali ini juga tantangannya lumayan cukup berbeda sih dari tantangan sebelumnya. Let’s check this out!

So, here my thought about this …

Registration Screen for Car-Buying App

I choose Challenge 2: registration experience for Car-Buying App.

At first, we compliment users with positive vibe-words, a car that fit with their budget (not always just for the cheapest, right?). The illustration show the top-current car with the price highlight.

Then, tell users that they can connect with the dealers. Not only just book then go to the dealership, but the dealers can call or email the users for any inquiries about it before they ready to visit the dealership.

For additional, give ’em a trust with social proof then … CTA for sure!

Alhamdulillah, finally all the challenges done! Actually this take a long time until 1 year to finish this (lol). Better late than never right?

After this one, I would like to write more stuff about my experience while exploring the UX and Product role. Such an amazing experience that I must share to everyone who want to switch their career and hope it could help everyone to know about it more.

See you later, and let me know if there any comments or suggestions to make this challenge better :)


*ps: like I said at first, I really love to write randomly with English or Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t know why at this time wanna write it full English for the explanation (lol).

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